What our members say

Our members tend to come from all walks of life, but most are passionate about keeping fit and are keen to push themselves to take on new and exciting challenges. Once we have made an initial assessment of your fitness and goals, we can then place you in a group that is the most suitable for your age and ability.

Darren Johns

“Back issues have impeded me in the past and forced me to change the way that I exercise. Since joining PB Fit Camp I have been able to work out without further injury, and the cross-training technique that Phil employs really works for me. I have become fitter, strengthened my core and most importantly, started enjoying exercise again.”

Anna Swanton

“I’ve never been a great runner, but Phil has really helped me adapt to outdoor fitness and I really enjoy the training as every session is different. PB Fit Camp has helped me achieve my goals of becoming stronger, getting toned and to generally be healthier. I know if I stick to it, I’ll be able to achieve even more in the future. Thanks Phil!”

Roxy Pearson

“You work me the hardest I’ve ever exercised Phil! Since starting at PB Fit Camp I’ve felt like I now have a lot more energy, especially at work. I’m keeping up with my active friends, feel stronger, healthier and more positive! I enjoy the variety of the sessions, as they’re never the same. I love the outdoor training, but also the condensed strength work indoor during the winter. You work every part of the body and always include a great warm up and cool down.”

Sarah Stephenson

“I’ve always had issues with body confidence and having a lack of determination when it comes to exercise and losing weight. Your training sessions are the first I’ve actually enjoyed going to! They’re fun and we do something different every week. Not to mention everyone is really friendly.”

Gavin Friar

Phil Blakey: “I feel I have to mention one of our members, Gavin Friar, who has trained with us for over a year now. He started as a complete novice and is now approaching elite level as an obstacle course racer. His progress has been fantastic to watch, and I can’t wait to see where it will take him to. Watch this space!”