Personal Approach

About Phil

I’m Phil Blakey, a certified Personal Trainer and owner of PB Fit Camp.

I’m 61 years’ young with a burning desire to inspire people to the challenges and benefits of outdoor fitness. In particular, the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) provides fitness training at its very best, for all levels, and even if you never plan on participating in an event it can be extremely beneficial.

Growing up, I was always active and spent most of my time playing sport, excelling at both football and running. I was an athletics coach for many years, with a special interest in speed events. After serving with the Coldstream Guards followed by a career in the financial services industry of over 30 years, I retired early to follow my passion in health and fitness.

Committed in training my body and mind to embrace a healthy way of living, I follow a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine. Due to problems with my right knee (cartilage tear) this last year, and possible onset of osteoarthritis due to my age and running background, I’ve had to almost reinvent my exercise routine. I now follow a mixed programme of fitness walking, cycling, light running on grass (especially on the hills!), strength training, high intensity interval workouts and have a special interest in functional core and mobility routines.

Everyone has some mobility, flexibility and movement issue; addressing these issues along with recovery are key if people want to train for a long time and stay injury free. All of my own personal fitness activities I’ve incorporated into my group fitness workouts, which in my mind has built an unstoppable fitness formula (certainly the response and results I’ve had from my current group members has confirmed this!)

I’ve never felt better within myself and I am determined to help and inspire as many people as I can in achieving their health and fitness goals.