Group Sessions

Group Fitness Sessions in Kendal, Cumbria

Our Group Sessions are perfect for those wanting an all-body workout.

PB Fit Camp brings together a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities, to create an ideal exercise plan for those wanting an intensive programme to kick start their fitness. Instead of simply working on one area of the body at a time, our routines make sure that your entire body feels the benefit of your exercise. But unlike a standard one-on-one session with a personal trainer, our workout programmes are done in a group setting, which makes them fun, motivating and challenging.

As much as our exercise plans incorporate a lot of cardiovascular routines, we tend to employ an approach using High Intensity Interval Training features (HIIT). This means each sport or activity we undertake is shorter, more enjoyable and more effective in achieving results. All of our exercises also involve:

  • Running
  • Endurance
  • Functional Strength
  • Explosive Power
  • Balance
  • Core Strength
  • Mobility

PB Fit Camp Example Week

Please note that this is an example week and is subject to change throughout the year. We are keen to have as much diversity in our exercise programme as possible, so on a weekly basis certain sessions may change. For example, on a Tuesday Evening we are likely to have different settings for our OCR training, such as a hill running session at Kendal Castle using head torches.

Monday Evening Split Session:
Outdoor Fitness Walk – Fitness Walking burns almost the same calories as running, yet it is much easier on the body. Because more muscles are used it burns more calories much quicker than casual walking. It also tones muscles in the buttocks, thighs, hips, shoulders, upper back and abs.
Core Training – A balanced and focused core training program can have a positive impact on physical wellbeing, including improved posture, increased protection and bracing of your back, greater balance & coordination and greater power & speed
Tuesday Evening Obstacle Course Racing Programme – OCR is a diverse sport that tests every aspect of fitness, which means that well-rounded athletes excel in this sport. It will provide athletes from all levels of fitness with an effective training programme. Even if you never plan on participating in the sport of OCR, this for me is fitness training at its very best, for EVERYONE.
Thursday Evening Strength/HIIT Training – My strength training consists mainly of bodyweight exercises, which to me is the ultimate in functional training. Before attempting to lift external objects, the body must be able to lift its own weight to continue with any further movement exercises. Traditional strength training can also cause unnecessary damage to the body, especially when heavy weights are used.
Saturday Morning OCR/Bootcamp session – building a strong aerobic running base is important in training for OCR events. We will often do most of our running and Bootcamp work on grass, to reduce the amount of impact on your legs, whilst avoiding injury as much as possible. Our members will slowly acclimate themselves to this intensive workout, which will get much easier over time.

Making Exercise Enjoyable

As much as our exercise regime is intensive, we also pride ourselves on having a community spirit and social atmosphere where fitness can be practical and fun at the same time. It is all well and good working towards improving your fitness, but if you can’t enjoy it then you end up associating exercise with hard work. Instead, we like to encourage a positive attitude towards each sport and activity we participate in.